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17th Jan 2022

Connon Brothers Targets & Objectives to Tackling Environmental & Social Impacts

Connon Brothers understands that our business has environmental & social impacts. We have developed an Environmental Policy to announce our commitment to improving our performance within these impacts. It is our intention to work towards the below objectives to lessen such impacts.

- Introducing electric powered machinery instead of purchasing new diesel-powered machines

- Recycling older delivery trucks rather than purchasing new ones

- Health & Safety - First Aid training for a number of staff members

- Health & Safety – Purchase Automated External Defibrillator machine for office/yard

- Health & Safety – train up personnel in the IOSH course, Managing Safely, to continue to improve H&S levels.

- Adopt a ‘do I need to print this?’ attitude within the office with regard to emails, orders and other paperwork that might not necessarily require printing.

- Study the feasibility of installing solar panels on the roof of the yard buildings to power the same buildings.

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